GitHub Projects

I am contributing to several open-source projects on GitHub. Many of them are WordPress plugins, but this page gives you an overview of all the other projects that I have been working on.


Identify technology on websites.

Language: JavaScript — License: GPL-3.0 — 8,210 stars — 5 contributions


A progressive theme development rig for WordPress.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-3.0 — 1,254 stars — 47 contributions


Torro Forms is an extendable WordPress form builder with Drag & Drop functionality, chart evaluation and more – with WordPress look and feel.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 82 stars — 1,008 contributions


Language: JavaScript — License: Apache-2.0 — 21 stars — 87 contributions


Custom metrics to use with WebPageTest agents

Language: JavaScript — License: Apache-2.0 — 11 stars — 1 contribution

I have also developed numerous (more or less maintained) open-source projects of my own. Many of these projects are still WordPress-related, for example libraries I use to speed up my workflow, tools or simply upcoming plugins that I haven’t pushed to (yet).

Several of the projects don’t really have any documentation since I use them internally, but I’m willing to help out if anything strikes you as particularly useful for your own cause. Maybe you even wanna help contributing which I’d absolutely appreciate!


Object cache implementation for WordPress that acts as an adapter for PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching libraries.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 32 stars


A JavaScript-based cache solution for WordPress using the client's local storage or, as fallback, a simple variable storage.

Language: JavaScript — 28 stars


Boilerplate for new libraries, WordPress plugins or themes.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 17 stars


Log the movies your watch in WordPress, using IMDB.

Language: PHP — 10 stars


Proof of concept for a WordPress plugin check tool.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 10 stars


Fork of WP Rig with a few more opinionated features.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-3.0 — 10 stars


Reusable library for all kinds of WordPress plugins.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 9 stars


Introduces a global admin panel in WordPress.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 9 stars


Implements network-wide user roles in WordPress.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 9 stars


Theme boilerplate based on _s, with lots of additional features.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 8 stars


Implements a global option storage in WordPress.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 8 stars


Feature plugin to improve attachment taxonomy support in WordPress.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-3.0 — 7 stars


An AMP compatible WordPress theme built on top of WP Rig, using an existing AMP design template.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-3.0 — 6 stars


An API for registering and rendering WordPress admin notices.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 6 stars


Language: Shell — 5 stars


Adds a customizable cache layer to all shortcodes in WordPress.

Language: PHP — 4 stars


Library classes to be used in the WP Composer Stack project boilerplate.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 3 stars


Set of interfaces used for WordPress plugins.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 3 stars


Improves plugin control on multisite by supporting enabling and disabling of plugins per site or network.

Language: PHP — 1 star


A modern WordPress stack with Composer.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 1 star


Configuration utility with validation.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 0 stars


Set of interfaces used for common functionality.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 0 stars


"Empty" WordPress theme for testing a barebones WordPress site, as a reference point to compare actual themes and plugins to.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 0 stars


Configuration-driven value objects with validation and sanitization.

Language: PHP — License: GPL-2.0 — 0 stars


Slides for my presentations.

Language: HTML — 0 stars


DevHub integration with WordPress PHPDoc Parser for my theme boilerplate.

Language: PHP — 0 stars


All the above GitHub projects can be used completely free forever. However, if you like any of these projects and would like to support my contributions, I would be glad if you donated some money to me.