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This is a now page, describing what I’m currently focusing on. I try to keep it up to date.

While I’m usually focused on enhancing the performance of WordPress, I am currently on baby bonding leave with my son who was born in January this year. It’s an incredible experience and I cherish him so much. I am grateful that I can spend so much time with him these days and see him develop more skills. Just this past week, he laughed out loud with sound for the first time, and he has been doing it regularly since.

In the little bits of time that are left here and there, I am working on my own little WordPress projects, and advancing some of my music production skills.

For WordPress specifically, I have accumulated many MU (“must-use”) plugins on this site over the years which modify the behavior of WordPress to my liking, in areas such as performance, WP Admin UI, branding, to name a few. I have been working on getting this collection of single-file plugins ready to share publicly, as probably several of those tweaks may be useful to others. I’m excited to have open-sourced them now at felixarntz/felixarntz-mu-plugins. Also see the relevant Twitter thread.