WordPress Plugins

I regularly develop and maintain plugins at the WordPress plugin repository. These offer, like any other plugin, additional functionality for your WordPress installation. Here you find a list of my plugins which you can download completely for free.

Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

This plugin modifies the output of the popular Contact Form 7 plugin to be styled in compliance with themes using the Bootstrap CSS framework.

30,000+ installs Rated 96 / 100

Native Lazyload

Lazy-loads media using the native browser feature.

10,000+ installs Rated 62 / 100

Attachment Taxonomies

This plugin adds categories and tags to the WordPress media library – lightweight and developer-friendly.

1,000+ installs Rated 94 / 100

Torro Forms

Torro Forms is an extendable WordPress form builder with Drag & Drop functionality, chart evaluation and more – with WordPress look and feel.

1,000+ installs Rated 100 / 100

Lazy Loading Feature Plugin

WordPress feature plugin for testing and experimenting with automatically adding the "loading" HTML attribute. Not…

900+ installs Rated 84 / 100

WP GDPR Cookie Notice

Simple performant cookie consent notice that supports AMP, granular cookie control and live preview customization.

500+ installs Rated 70 / 100

Feature Policy

WordPress plugin for managing feature policy headers.

200+ installs

WP Upstream

This plugin will automatically create Git commits for any kind of installation, update or deletion…

50+ installs Rated 100 / 100

Reporting API

WordPress plugin for receiving browser reports via a Reporting API endpoint.

40+ installs


Implements a JSON feed following the version 1 spec by means of a REST API…

30+ installs

Torro Forms Bootstrap Markup

This Torro Forms extension modifies the output of your forms to be styled in compliance…

20+ installs

Custom CSS Outsourcer

Loads the additional Customizer CSS from external files instead of printing it directly to the…

10+ installs Rated 100 / 100


All the above plugins can be used completely free forever. However, if you like any of these plugins, I would be glad if you donated some money to me. This encourages me to develop more WordPress plugins like the ones above.

Donate as little or as much as you like – these things motivate me regardless!