Hi I’m Felix!

Developer Programs Engineer at Google / WordPress Core Committer

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  • Multisite & REST API Maintainer
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I’m @flixos90 on wordpress.org and @felixarntz elsewhere.

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Core Contributions

I have been a WordPress Core Contributor since version 4.3 which was released in August 2015. I’m currently a component maintainer of the Multisite component and the REST API component, but regularly work in other areas as well. With WordPress version 4.6 I became one of the “Recent Rockstar” developers for the first time, and since November 2016 I have been a Core Committer.

Over the course of time I have opened 176 tickets, received 166 props and made 152 commits. Working on WordPress Core and other open-source projects is a high priority for me, so I ensure I have work time available to dedicate to it.

DPE at Google

I am currently a Developer Program Engineer in the Content Experience team at Google where we collaborate with CMSs like WordPress to help web publishers and content creators succeed on the open web. A major part of this is advancing the adoption of modern technologies on these platforms and making them easier to use.

As part of this, we are working on open-source projects such as the AMP plugin and the Site Kit plugin for WordPress, regularly contribute back to the WordPress core platform, and engage with user and developer communities across the globe.

This has been my dream job for a while, and I’m beyond grateful that I am part of this amazing team.

Before: Freelancer & Yoast

Before I joined Google, I was a freelancer working part-time for Yoast, who I have always admired and regarded as one of the very top companies in the WordPress space. They have an agenda that I can align with, a crazy-successful product, solid developers who are constantly improving… – I’m grateful to have been part of this wonderful team.

Not to forget, Yoast also give back to open-source a ton, they are the company that sponsored most WordPress core committers in recent years. As such, they enabled me as well to spend a significant amount of my time contributing to WordPress core.

GitHub Projects


A JavaScript-based cache solution for WordPress using the client’s local storage or, as fallback, a simple variable storage.

Language: JavaScript Stars: 27


Examples of using Web Components in Gutenberg.

Language: JavaScript License: GPL-2.0 Stars: 24


Object cache implementation for WordPress that acts as an adapter for PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching libraries.

Language: PHP License: GPL-2.0 Stars: 23

WordPress Plugins

Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

This plugin modifies the output of the popular Contact Form 7 plugin to be styled in compliance with themes using the Bootstrap CSS framework.

40,000+ installs Rated 96 / 100

Native Lazyload

Lazy-loads media using the native browser feature.

6,000+ installs Rated 50 / 100

Attachment Taxonomies

This plugin adds categories and tags to the WordPress media library – lightweight and developer-friendly.

1,000+ installs Rated 94 / 100