10 Free After Effects Hollywood Color Presets

10 Free After Effects Hollywood Color Presets

A while ago, I stumbled across this interesting blog where you find 10 amazing color presets for the current versions of After Effects. All you need to do to download them for free is share this post either on Twitter or Facebook (this is called Pay with a Tweet) – that’s like nothing if you check these great presets out. You will find the link below this article.

Hollywood-like Action and Suspense Movies

The ten presets provided on the website I linked to above allow you to easily achieve a great movie look. You don’t even need to know much about color grading and such, you only need to have After Effects. On the website you will also find an example where it always shows the same frame, but in each of the ten color presets. You will quickly realize how easily these can set the mood for your video clip or short movie.

I have had great experiences experimenting with them as they look very professional. Especially the slightly overexposed presets caught my attention since overexposure will look stupid in most cases – using these presets, it won’t.

So if you’re a movie freelancer, effects beginner or you just like to experiment with After Effects, I recommend you to try these Hollywood color presets. You’ll find a short note how to install them into After Effects inside the article. Here’s the link:







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