Four new composings of movie score

Four new composings of movie score

It has been a while – but now I’ve decided to release some new music I composed over the recent months. As most of the time, these tracks are all written with specific movie scenes (which actually do not exist) in mind – so it’s music which is part of a score that would be played in that specific scenes I had in mind when I composed it. But of course that doesn’t mean it can’t be used somewhere else – this is the cool thing about music, it has different meaning, different interpretations and such. But now, enough said, here there are the four tracks:

Fading Away by Felix Arntz

Cielo del Diablo by Felix Arntz

Stumbling Al by Felix Arntz

More or Less by Felix Arntz

What do you think of these tracks? Which do you like, or don’t you like any? I appreciate any kind of criticism or review.

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